Expo round 2 and Pearl Tower Dinner

Expo round two with Marie! Went to the corporation side of the expo. Exploring through the city pavilions, I’ve realized how much time and money has been spent for this expo for just the six months duration. Is this a plus or minus for the Chinese and the world economy? Is it going to be a waste to tear mostly everything down? Also what happens to the Chinese people who are employed through this exhibition? What do they do when the expo is over? those are some thoughts that i encountered. One thing that bothered me a lot was how Chinese people do not have manners when it comes to PUSHING people or crowded-ness. They do not care about what others think. they push, they attack, they pull you to go through the crowd. pooo maybe coming from organized Tokyo does not help.

For dinner! Joe and I went to the Pearl TV Tower dining. 280 kuai per person but it was definitely worth it! Although the people who pay that amount ge to go to a smoother line to go up the tower, there was still some waiting time involved. The view was amazing! since the restaurant rotated 360 degrees, I got to see the pudong side, expo site, the bund, and all around Shanghai! The food was good, but I would not say that it was delicious. Well the smoked salmon and smoked salmon salad were amazing! Joe loved the watermelon haha sushi was not good, but some pork dishes were decent. I loved how there was food from all over the world regardless of how tasty it was. I had a good experience there!

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