Nanjing food!

From Thursday to Saturday, I went to Nanjing and tried many many new food! I really enjoyed having Nanjing food. They had lots of seafood, or they call it "lake-food," and was colorful in vegetables, fish, pork and alllll that good stuff!

They are apparently famous for salty duck, so that dish was on the table almost everyday.
At our first meal we also had broiled jiaozi with pork? and veggies inside.
and the oil shrimp!!!!!!!!!!!!! was so delicious!!
Nanjing food had used a lot of tree mushrooms.
Also the pork fat was yummmmmm!

One free night time on our own, I went to a thai restaurant.
we were craving for pad thai, and although we first couldn’t find it on the menu, we successfully found it later on!
It wasn’t the "American" pad thai that I was craving for, but it was still good. I put mega sugar on it lol

and on our last day, we had vegetarian food. All of the dishes looked like there was some kind of pork fish or meat on it but it was all soy!
they do a pretty good job with making those things! lol

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