Our favorites combined

Tonight for dinner, we went to 福满楼, a nearby restaurant, which was actually the restaurant that Alliance brought us to for our first night in Shanghai. I had wanted to go back there because I like their food, especially their 番茄炒蛋!

So of course, we get our favorites. Megan chose 麻婆豆腐 and I chose 番茄炒蛋。Ordered it with 两个碗米饭.

Did you know that a lof the restaurants in China put all their eating utensils in a plastic bag like this? They charge you for the utensils, too. I think they were 1 kuai each or something cheap like that. Only hot water is free of charge, but maybe tonight’s restaurant had hot tea for free. All together, our dinner was 30 kuai = $4.55 for two, so $2.27 per person. CHINA!


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