My dad asked me, “Taka, do you want to get some bread from Andersons with me?” and of course my reply was, “Yes!” Andersons is my favorite bakery in Japan. My dad would go there on the weekends and bring back the freshly baked pastries ever since I was little, probably three or four years old. We always go to the one in Omotesando, but the chain originates in Hiroshima.

But first, here are two fruits that are in season and are at our house: Lafrance, also known as pears. These ones are so ripe and so milky.

Kumquat. They are sweet on the skin and sour inside.

Our drive to Andersons. The left is Yoyogi Park. I used to go there every weekend!

Yay! Got a shot at Andersons. Secret shot.

mmmm.. my choices today were chocolate croissant and walnut pastry.

Anderson is a must have when i come back to Japan! I can’t wait for round two tomorrow morning!

[Edit] January 16, 2012. Anderson now has branches in San Francisco area! You can check out their website,


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