(Pre) Happy New Year!

So I didn’t get to update my blog for my dinner on December 31st, so here it is, then will come the real happy new year celebration for 2011!

It has been a tradition at my grandparents’ place to eat hotpot for dinner on New Years Eve. It used to be crab hotpot, but since my grandpa prefers to have fugu (blowfish/puffer fish) instead, we had changed it to fugu hotpot for the past 6 years or so.

I just read yesterday that eating fugu liver is poisonous thus is illegal in Japan! I don’t know whether this is just in Japan, but I assume that the website just listed Japan because it may be the only country that eats fugu. :/ also (apparently), the law for serving fugu is highly strict in Japan because of the poison in the fugu. um.. i feel danger.

Anyway, here is the exciting part!

Here is the load of veggies we put in our hotpot. So many different kinds of winter veggies!

Kimchi served on the table:

“Atsuage” that my aunt made. It’s once fried tofu simmered in soy sauce, mirin, and sugar, I think.

Here it is! Could be poisonous thing lol Fugu sashimi.

This is the part you cook in the hotpot. It stil has bones on it.

You dip the sashimi and cooked fugu in this special “ponzu.” You can add green onions and daikon oroshi to your liking.

It is also a tradition in our family to eat dorayaki on this day. Dorayaki is red bean paste sandwiched in pancakes. It’s SO good, especially the ones that my uncle get from all the time. The famous store is called, “Usagiya,” where they only sell dorayaki.

Also, toshikoshi soba is eaten at the end of the year in Japan. It is soba that you eat at the end of the year, before the year ends. Soba symbolizes longevity, says my mom, but I’m not 100% sure. I know that soba, buckwheat, is good for your health, though. 🙂


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