Chinese and Japanese put together

Asian mix dinner tonight.

This is called “jyako,” which is a small flavorful fish ( this is the baby of the normal one, but the normal ones are small, too) that my mom likes to have just to munch on straight for mini snacks. She says its loaded with calcium and is good for our health.

Tonight, we had grilled “karei.” This particular fish is facing the wrong way. You’re supposed to put the fish so that it’s facing left (as is) but also so that the fish’s face is upright. Flaky fish.

I made 四季豆! It worked out well, although I couldn’t get the beans to shrivel all the way. but i made these from frozen string beans and yet it worked, so I’m happy for that! I will post this recipe at the bottom of this entry (it’s different every time I make it).

Some spinach and beef that my mom made. Don’t know what’s inside. lol

January 5th, 2011 四季豆 Recipe:

string beans

vegetable oil

a clove of garlic

pickled veggies

chicken bouillon

soy sauce

dried chili pepper

1. put a lot of oil so that the bottom of the wok is completely filled with oil and heat the wok until the oil steams up

2. add the string beans. let it sit and make it shrivel

3. add chopped up garlic and stir. then in about 30 seconds, add the pickled veggies, sprinkle chicken bouillon and stir

4. go once around the wok with soy sauce, sprinkle the chili peppers, stir, and done!


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