Dinner festival

My mom and I made whatever we wanted to make that we could make out of the fridge tonight! lol

I loooove these mother and daughter time together.
ANYWAY! I made the following dishes: fanqie chaodan, eggplant with ginger and fish sauce, salsa, and my mom made my favorite pumpkin recipe!
It was the first time that my mom tried fanqie chaodan, and I’m reallly glad that she liked it! She said “hamarisou,” like I SAID when I first ate it!

^Eggplant and ginger. My mom suggested putting in fish sauce, and it turned out very nice. Corn starch, chicken bouillon also added.

^fanqie chaodan! tried my best to hao xiang the real one, but i made the eggs to hard and had too much sugar in. also, did not use enough oil.

^salsa. tomato, coriander leaf, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper and garlic powder!

^oh yes. my mom’s favorite of the season. raw oysters!

^pumpkin!!!!! heated in looots of  olive oil, salt and pepper and garlic powder.

^tadaaaaaa, and here comes dessert time!

^frozen kyohou (a type of grape).

^it’s strawberry season in Japan! SOOO SWEET!

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