Hodgepodge of dishes

Last night, my brother, my cousin, and I had a dinner outing planned starting at eight. that was waaaay too late for my stomach, so I decided to have my first dinner at home that my mom made for her and Dad. She made all sorts of things and so I got to try many dishes, mainly veggies, before I starved myself.

^tasai with garlic and ginger. Garlic really goes well with this veggie.

^pickled white cabbage, or Shanghai Cabbage, as some people call it. One of my favorites because it freshens you up. I even sometimes have it as a snack, although you’re supposed to eat it with rice, I think.

^this is called, “sunagimo.” My brother loves it. Made with gizzard, negi/scallion, cucumber, black mushroom fungus mixed with la-oil.. and other things (I will have to ask my mom).

^Bean sprouts with sesame oil. All time favorite for many Koreans! Or that’s what I think. lol


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