Perish Cafe and Bar

Last weekend, I got to go to Perish Cafe and Bar located on Boylston Street in Boston! Their menu is a unique one, which has sandwiches, salads and appetizers from famous chefs! There are seasonal chef offerings as well.

My boyfriend chose the special of the day, which was Mexican style meatball in a baguette. The meat was great with rich sausage taste to it with a Mexican twist with the spice.

I chose Rialto by Jody Adams (well known from being on Top Chef). Here is the description:
Paper thin prociutto, fresh mozzarella, basil pesto and garlic oil rub served on Texas toast. Baked to a golden brown and served with assorted greens, sundried tomatoes and pine-nut dressing. Honestly, I didn’t find the salad special, but te sandwich was definitely golden. The melted mozzarella with the pesto sauce was so flavorful and baked perfectly. It was a bit on the salty side, but I think that was what tied the bread and the ingredients together. The toast was perfect. The sundried tomato was actually hard to bite on, but felt like real sundried tomato.

I have to try the rest of the menu! Everything sounds so good!


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