Helmand Restaurant

On Valentine’s Day, Jeff took me to Helmand, which is our favorite Afghan restaurant (well, we haven’t been to another Afghan restaurant before, lol). We went there pretty late – got there around 9PM, but I’m guessing because it was Valentine’s Day, there was line of people waiting to be seated.
We ordered the following dishes:
Aushak – Afghan ravioli filled with leeks and scallions, served on yogurt-mint topped with ground beef sauce.
Chapendaz – Choice Tenderloin of Beef marinated, grilled with a puree of grilled tomatoes, hot peppers, onions and cumin seeds served with lentils, wheat barley and spinached rice.
Qoremay Ma-He – Fresh Sea Bass pan fried, then sauteed with onion, peeled tomatoes, garlic, ginger, sun dried tomato, radishes and potato served with challow rice.

The bread that gets served first is actually quite good. It comes with three sauces that you can put on. One yogurt, one jalapeno, and one spicy red one. The whipped butter also comes with the bread, and that’s actually my favorite.

Our appetizer, Aushak, was triangular shaped. The ravioli dough was interesting – it wasn’t like normal pasta. The texture was more like that of rice noodles. I liked it, though. The tomato sauce that comes with it is definitely the key accent to the ravioli.

Main dishes. I ordered the tenderloin beef, got it made medium. Jeff really liked it – I wanted it to be a little bit more fatty, but it was a very lean meat. The spinach rice and the lentils were mouthwatering.
Jeff’s sea bass was cooked perfectly. The bass was bouncy, and it was very meaty. I would get this one next time. The challow rice was also great! Do they add butter to the rice? or olive oil? It’s sooo good! *edit: just found out the definition of challow rice: “Rice boiled then drained of water, seasoned with canola oil, cumin seed and then baked.” I guess the canola oil makes it reaaaaly tasty!*

Also, our waiter had really long eye lashes and was very friendly šŸ˜€

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