Clover at Harvard Square

My first time going to Clover last night. I had a take out of their egg and eggplant sandwich before but had never gone go the cafe.

Neat, simple and minimal design. Clean feeling, definitely. All the food is under $10 and is vegetarian.
I wish this store was open when I spent my whole summer there.

They are still adding changes to their restaurant. Like yesterday, they added their second electronic menu board. The guy next to the menu board takes your order, he submits the order using an iPhone, then your order is ready in average 3 minutes! Very efficient but Jeff and I realized that they have way too many employees.

Their menu

Egg and eggplant sandwich. Skin on eggplant is deep fried, out together with boiled eggs, tomato, cucumber put together in tahini sauce. Mmm the eggplant is absolutely delicious!

This is the interior of the cafe at night. I bet the sun shines in during the day.

Soy BLT – although nothing is visible lol. Jeff commented that there is too little inside and too much pita bread. He ate it in like 3 minutes.

Another interior photo. The ivy makes a difference.

Next time, I want to try their chickpea fritter sandwich!


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