Pho Viet

Trip to Super 88. Jeff and I bought a ton of Asian grocery and kept on buying more since our stomach asked for more. We decided to stop shopping for food but rather stopped by at the food court next door. After a circling the food court once, we stopped our feet in front of PhoViet. Clearly, a Vietnamese place.

I ordered pork banh mi, Jeff got summer rolls and lemongrass pork on rice. Asian price offered, SO CHEAP. We played being consultants and came up with some reasons behind their low pricing. A lot of factors come into play, like its location, the store being a family business, open hours… etc. Well, I’ll stop here, although I like figuring those things out.

Anyway, the food was great! Summer rolls were pretty large and the peanut sauce that came with it made it great. It wasn’t dry. It was definitely freshly made after we placed our order. Their banh mi was apparently listed under one of the most delicious banh mi list or something like that, and yes, it was delicious. The pickled cucumber and carrots were delicious, and the pork was soo yummmyyyyy. French baguette was soft and satisfying to eat. I didn’t think that I’d be able to finish the whole thing, but I did! Lemongrass pork was also fulfilling. I think I liked the pork that they used, which was the slightly fatty part of the pork. mmm.. fat makes everything taste so good.

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  1. Megan Chang says:

    gahh i love your new layout 🙂
    thats all ❤ miss you

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