Yakult Frozen Yogurt

I’m exploring different versions of what seems to be the food fashion right now in the U.S. – frozen yogurt. The fad is actually not limited to the States, but it’s also catching up in Japan.

In Boston, Newbury street is getting new frozen yogurt stores opened, on top of the ice cream stores that now sell frozen yogurt varieties. Pinkberry is on Newbury, and today I just saw another frozen yogurt shop opening up across from Zara, and I know that Berryline is coming here this spring.

One thing that makes me wonder is why many frozen yogurt shops have “berry” in the brand name? Pinkberry, Berryline, Razzleberry (one in Japan)? Now that I listed it, there are only three that come to my mind, but I’m SURE there are more shops that have the word “berry” in it because I’ve had this conversation with friends before. Is it because berries go well with frozen yogurt? mm.. but those shops offer so variety of toppings other than berries? Interesting, and I can’t figure it out.

Anyway, last night’s dessert after the delicious dinner was Yakult froyo with pecans. We wanted to get some tangyness that Pinkberry has. The result: not the same. It just turned out to be Yakult flavor. Hmm.. we’re going to try other methods to get the tangyness we want! (Note: Yakult is a probiotic beverage).

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  1. char says:

    You should try trader joe’s frozen yogurt..just the plain one. It’s sweet and sour and fat free!!! Muah

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