Sam Lagrassa’s

FINALLY! I got to visit this place with a friend who was visiting Boston. I had always wanted to go here because it’s known to have the “World’s No. 1 Sandwiches,” but never had a chance to since it is only open during lunch hours on weekdays.

I had one of their Specialty Sandwiches, Pastrami Corned Beef Combo. It comes with Romanian pastrami and “fresh from the pot” corned beef on light rye. It also has swiss cheese, russian dressing, and cole slaw between the bread. I thought that the dressing was just a tiny bit overwhelming because it started to sog my bread, and the amount of cole slaw was very little. But, I did enjoy the pastrami and corned beef. Honestly, though, I would have to question the “World’s No. 1 Sandwiches” slogan because I’ve had better ones elsewhere. It was totally visible that the employees took pride in their meat and sandwiches, though, so I’ll give props to that! Oh, and I also liked their pickles that came on the side.

My friend had the Roast Beef Blues, but I forgot to ask him how it was. He also had the chowder of the day, which happened to be clam chowder and what he wanted!! and his comment was, “ochitsuku aji,” which means it’s a comforting taste. lol!


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