Max Brenner

Max Brenner Boston just opened in Spring 2011 on Boylston Street. It’s pulling attention from many college students and people in their twenties and thirties, I’d say. The store has dark furniture with dim lighting – it definitely has the “feel” to it. The music is pretty loud in the store and also because there are so many customers right now with the hype, people are talking very loudly and it was somewhat difficult to have a calm conversation over dinner.

The menu is diverse: starting from extensive drinks menu, there are brunch food, sweet breakfast dishes, finger foods, salad, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, even steak, and of course, dessert. So it is not all about chocolate. They do serve non-chocolate things, too!

This was my second experience at Max Brenner. My first time was in New York, and I actually ordered the same thing, what the menu reads, “The BEST B.L.A.T.” “A” stands for avocado, and the sandwich is with crispy bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and cilantro-avocado mayo comes on a large medal skewer. It is SO delicious, although I’d say it is on the salty side, even with my salty palate. I found the experiences in Boston to be the same with the one in NY, so I guess you can say that their taste is consistent. Jeff got Cappuccino Frappe, which came with dark chocolate on the side. We were surprised not to find any 100% chocolate (with no other ingredients added) anywhere on the menu, even at the mini shop right at the entrance, where they sell chocolate goodies. But at the same time, not many people eat 100% chocolate. haha

I want to try their chocolate pizza… sounds so yummy, no?

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