Grill 23

Treat from my parents at my favorite steakhouse in Boston!

We started off with the Shell Grand Sampler, which shrimp cocktail, chilled lobster, Jonah crab claws, and chilled local oyster glamorously decorated a mountain of ice. There were about three or four different kinds of sauces that came with it, which all went well with everything, in my opinion.

Also in the appetizer stage or even before that, the waiter brought us a bread basket filled with three or four kinds of bread. My dad immediately suggested the dark bread telling us that it’s his favorite. For me, instead of their bread, I fell in love with their butter. There was just the right amount of coarse salt visible in the high quality butter — mmm it was SO delicious.

For main course, I ordered the Bone-In Delmonico — the chefs cooked it right at medium rare, juicy and tender. Simply delicious.

My dad ordered the same, and he also loved it, my mom got Filet Mignon, I think, and Jeff got Our Famous Meatloaf, which came with prime beef, chorizo and sweet sausage with mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. I thought that whatever my mom got was a bit dry, although the chef cooked it perfectly medium rare like mine, and Jeff’s meatloaf matched very well with the potatoes on the side.

And of course, we can’t forget dessert: Pear Turnovers with huckleberry ice cream, and Caramel Profiteroles with coffee ice cream and candied almonds. I have to say I liked the profiteroles more than the other, but both desserts were wonderful. I wish I had pictures of them!

I would loooove to go back again!

Grill 23 website:


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