Ramen and Dessert

Ramen outing with guy cousins and brother! We headed towards Minami Aoyama to Kaotan Ramen, a restaurant in which only ramen maniacs would only know how to open its door. Their ramen is soy sauce base, and I think it was yellow noodles. It didn’t put that heavy ramen feeling in my stomach and turned out to be good for a late night meal. We also had an order of gyoza, which is another one of my must-eat food in Japan, so completely satisfied.

Then we moved onto Denny’s – it’s not only in America (wait, do I see Denny’s around lately?) for after dinner drinks and dessert. I got a green tea parfait (yum! but the whip cream was unnecessary), and Takemin got anmitsu, a Japanese dessert that has jelly and sweet red bean paste with fruit, in this case at Denny’s. Ta-chan got french toast with blueberry syrup, which he finished in minutes (oops, no picture of this one)!


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