Pork cutlet! I know it’s deep fried food… but can’t and won’t resist, especially during a short break in Japan. Usually, there are two kinds of cutlets: fillet and loin. I like to chose the fatty loin.

Tomoko and I ordered the same set menu which included pork cutlet, fried shrimp, cabbage and Japanese mustard on the side, with chawanmushi (steamed egg savory custard), tofu, miso soup, and white rice with pickles. Japanese language has lots of onomatopoeia, and the bite into tonkatsu described one of them, saku saku, which I have no clue how to explain or express in English.

Yuzu sorbet and coffee followed our meal. So mini Japanese size!


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  1. Changme says:

    omgsshhh my favoritteeeeeee

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