Three Sandwiches

On a beautiful Saturday, Museum of Science hosted Let’s Talk About food, an event that encouraged conversation about food, health, cooking, and science. Demonstration kitchen, booths, tents, and happy faces filled the place with people ranging from kids to grandparents.

When I arrived at the demonstration kitchen tent, Chef Joanne Chang from Flour Bakery was giving out warm cookies, and Chef Erwin Ramos from Olé Mexican Grill was demonstrating how to prepare salsa in five minutes. I missed Chef Jody Adams from Oleana, so I was a little bit bummed, but I guess I can visit her at her restaurant (hopefully). I thought it was amazing to have many chefs participate in such even and teach us about what they know, and who doesn’t like seeing and talking to famous chefs!?

There was tremendous selection of food offered, but my boyfriend and I chose to hit the three food trucks that were hanging out there. One, “In Gouda We Trust” with caramelized onion and mushroom on dark rye from Grilled Cheese Nation. Cheese lovers would love this for sure. I found it to be a bit heavy for me but found the rye bread well put together with the melted cheese, which together gave a almost herb like freshness with every chew. Two, Smoked Pork sandwich of BBQ Smith, with spicy garlic and BBQ Smith sauce on pulled pork and coleslaw. We first ate just the pork and found it so-so, but then we ate the bread and everything in one bite and found combination of the BBQ sauce, pork, and the bread a better overall experience of the sandwich. I guess we were supposed to eat like that to begin with. Three, chicken Bahn Mi from Bon Me. We thought this was the best sandwich out of all, even if we were getting full from eating the two others. I found the sandwich very Americanized because I didn’t find that vinegar pickled veggies, and the nice scent of cilantro… where was it? But it was still distinct and a good sandwich to have on a food truck.

Our stomachs were surely satisfied, so we walked home to let our stomachs feel better and ready for dinner.

Chef's demonstration

Grilled Cheese Nation

BBQ Smith

Bon Me


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