Ahi Tuna chunks in Aluminum Foil

I was so happy to purchase it: Ahi Tuna, at Trader Joe’s. Found in the freezer section, I want to buy Albacore Tuna next time, when I deplete my stock of protein in my freezer.

Anyway, I steamed it, kind of, in aluminum foil. Easy recipe!


ahi tuna, 1 inch x 1inch cube

soy sauce, 2 tablespoon

Japanese cooking sake, 1 tablepoon

ginger, as much as you want, julienne cut

garlic, 2 cloves, julienne cut



1. Marinate the tuna putting all the ingredients in a plastic bag or container. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes.

2. Carefully make a hot dog shape out of aluminum foil. Put in the marinade from #1 to the aluminum. Fold up the aluminum on top.

3. Place the aluminum bag on a frying pan. Cook for about 7 minutes in medium heat. Done.

No oil used. Really good as is or put it next to vegetables, rice, eating it with a dip or mayo or something would be good, too.

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