Tuna vegetable stir-fry

On a day when you don’t have much in your fridge and are lazy, here’s an easy yet nutritious recipe you can try.



tuna, 1 can

frozen vegetable, as much as you’d like, defrosted

egg, 1 whole, beaten

salt and pepper

sesame oil, 1 tablespoon



1. start defrosting the vegetable at room temperature

2. open the tuna can and drain the water/oil out of the can

3. heat up a pan with sesame oil on high heat. Once the oil and pan are hot enough, make scrambled eggs. salt and set aside.

3. with the same pan without the eggs, heat up your tuna. season it with salt and pepper, maybe garlic powder if you wish (real garlic here would be delicious, too). Then add the vegetables. Add sesame oil if you want more flavor.


I think this would be well with a wrap, as an open sandwich, or over rice!


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