So Real yet So Fake

Umm.. hello? Has anyone seen the new gum flavor from Wringly Extra Gum, Apple Pie? These… are AMAZING.

First off, I thought I would do some research before starting this entry, but, as of today, does not have this flavor on their official website. What does this mean? Maybe they’re late updating their website, but I doubt it… but then…? Anyway, it seems like Apple Pie flavor is not the only new flavor but so are Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, and Mint Chocolate Chip (or so they say on their website). It’s funny how someone has already created a “like”-page on Facebook.

Back to this magical Apple Pie gum. If you’re still reading this post, buy it! The first words that came out of my mouth as I doubtfully started chewing the gum was, “oh my god. WHAT?!” and I couldn’t stop saying the first three words, and the more I chewed, the more “what!?” I kept on saying-I’m sure people who walked past me were thinking I was crazy. This gum really tastes like you’re eating apple pie. Not too sweet that you get a headache, not an annoying taste at all. It’s simply apple pie. You can almost taste the crust, too. Chemical engineers sure did a great job with this product. Now that I got a chance to try this out, I’m curious about the other new flavors in the Dessert Delight series from Wringly.


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  1. hmmm strawberry shortcake. japanese or american kind. there’s a big difference.

    check out the 2nd one

  2. Plates of Art says:

    Yeahh, I personally like Japanese strawberry cake better than the American, probably because I grew up with it and didn’t know about the American version until I was a teen. I’m assuming Extra’s product is one of the American types.

    Foodgawker is my fav! I check it everyday!

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