Raul’s Shack in Encinitas

Introducing a new location: San Diego!

Raul’s Shack, literally a shack at the intersection of 101 and D street in Encinitas, San Diego, brings one of the most authentic Mexican food you can get in the States. My boyfriend and I drove over there two times in five days–it’s that good. I peeked into their kitchen, and everything was perfectly organized. I was able to tell that the people working there (probably all related) knew all the menu items in the back of their minds as they moved efficiently, coordinated. The only time they would stop was when they asked, “hot sauce?”

Our favorites from them were: fish tacos and carnitas tacos

Everything was fresh, tomatoes cut there, cilantro full of aroma, cabbage, freshly ground pepper. Carnitas was sooooooooo juicy, unbelievably juicy. My mouth is watering up as I write this. You can see a bit of the natural oil on your taco, but it’s sooo good, and it doesn’t make your corn soft taco soggy because they give you two layers. Just look at these pics and you can tell…

Amazing carnitas taco
Fish taco without tartar
Now with tartar

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