Christmas Day feast from Cravings

This Christmas, our family got catering services from Cravings, located in Azabu Juban, Tokyo, Japan. The chef there, Miri, graduated from the college I currently attend, Wellesley College. Miri with her degree from Culinary Institute of America found her own restaurant that serves American food in Japan. Such a big inspiration for me!

My family’s Christmas dinners are always western but the meat served varies according to the year. Miri prepared for us Cranberry chestnut stuffed loin roast of pork, and steamed vegetable medley, green beans sauteed in garlic, scalloped potatoes, and pumpkin pie for dessert. All very delicious and fulfilling! She also kindly gave us instructions on how to prepare everything so that we know how to make the best of her dish in our kitchen. The scalloped potatoes was my favorite–nice and creamy with good textured potatoes. I’ve made it before, maybe five Christmases ago, but it took so long to prepare and cook. Pork had the right amount of fat (recall I’m a pork fat lover), and the stuffing made the pork moist. I also liked how homemade taste was sensible in her pumpkin pie. Perfectly done, not too sweet.

My little cousin is really interested in using my camera right now, so her artsy photography is displayed together with this entry.

Cravings website:

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