New Years Eve, Pufferfish hotpot

It’s a tradition in my family to get together at my grandparents’ house for New Years Eve, gather around a big table and enjoy pufferfish hotpot.

Pufferfish has a very short season, and it’s only available in the winter time in Japan. Personally, it doesn’t really taste like anything, but you eat thinly sliced pufferfish sashimi with green onions and dip it in ponzu (citrus sauce), just like you do with regular sashimi with soy sauce. The cooked pufferfish is prepared in a hotpot of seaweed dashi (broth), also eaten dipped in ponzu. The hotpot makes a great soup after pufferfish and lots of vegetables have been cooked, and makes the best broth! Japanese people finish hotpot with either rice or noodles, cooking the ingredients in the tasty soup. It makes a perfect winter dish as it keep everyone warm.

More pictures can be found in last year’s post about this:


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