Detox with banana shake

After all the food on new year day, January 2nd should hold a morning of detox.

I made my specialty drink for my family. There’s really no recipe for this other than the ingredients list, I’m not really sure how much of each ingredient I put in my banana shake. It makes a good flavorful shake, though, and people who don’t like banana have even told me they like it! The best part of this shake is that it’s not heavy and it uses all natural ingredients without any addition of sugar (banana already has lots of sugar content, so that provides enough sweetness to the drink).

This time, I added milk (usually I don’t) since we didn’t have enough yogurt in the fridge.


Frozen ripe banana

Plain yogurt



Combine all the ingredients together, banana straight out from the freezer. Make sure your mixer can withstand the frozen banana, otherwise wait until the banana defrosts a bit. Turn on the power to the mixer, and hold the button until it’s smooth but a bit heavy. Done!

I guess the last time I posted this was similarly after new years on January 3, 2011. Funny!


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