Convenience store obento in Japan

One of the best inventions of Japanese convenience store is found in their refrigerated part of the store in flat boxes, obento! Each obento box contains various things but usually has Japanese staple food, rice, of course, with different side dishes. I usually don’t buy obento at convenience stores, but the experience I had this time (Lawson convenience store) was so good; I might have to go buy obento at least once every stay in Japan.

I had a salmon in mind as my specific side dish and chose this obento box, which came with an assortment of other dishes, such as kinpira gobou (burdock and carrot stir fry sprinkled with white sesame seeds), cooked mushroom and agedashi, tender chicken, egg roll, pickled vegetable, root vegetable stew, sausage, shumai, and the targeted salmon slice. Of course, all these side dishes are two to three bites size, but I was amazed at the variety offered. If you think about it, this obento box contains lots of protein (fish, pork, chicken, egg) and lots of vegetable. I think it’s a well balanced plate of food. Plus, the convenience store will ask you if you want to warm it up. Amazing. I wish this existed in America. I’d be so happy.

Nutritional content:

571 kcal. Protein: 19.9g; Fat: 11.1g; Carbohydrates: 98.3g; Sodium: 1.3g

*on rice is black sesame seed and pickled plum

And other than these obento boxes, you can find onigiri (rice balls), soba noodles, pasta, spaghetti, cold noodles, Chinese noodles, and all sorts of things!


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