Hattendo cream bread

I’m not a huge fan of cream bread (pastry bread that has soft cream filling), but when my sister, my mom, and I were shopping in Shinjuku the other day, we saw the booth of Hattendo (八天堂), and my sister immediately said we have to buy some, like we were tricked–it’s that good. So we bought a few.

The bread is airy even if time has passed since it was purchased, and the cream filling is not too heavy, and the whole thing can be consumed in under a minute. We ate one for breakfast, too, and that’s doable for anyone, not just for the sweet-tooth like us.

Flavors come in variety, and we bought: plain, matcha, fresh cream, and chocolate (all flavors of the filling; the bread is the same). My favorite is the fresh cream, which I had first. The airy-ness of the cream bread ranks #1 on my list.

Hattendo website: http://www.hattendo.jp/


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