Chicken rice at home

My family has had multiple traveling occasions to Singapore, and we found love in their Hainan chicken rice. Both the taste and aroma are enjoyed with this tender chicken with flavorful rice on the side. We wanted to see if we can make it at home. My mom did the prepping, so I actually don’t know the recipe. From what I know, she put ginger and scallion in boiling water and placed the chicken inside and steam-cooked it. She used that stock for soup, really flavorful soup, with salt added. Ideally, that same stock or something similar would be used to cook the jasmine rice, but since we didn’t have enough, we used a trick to make the aromatic rice. The kitchen smelled delicious as the rice got cooked–both for the jasmin flavor and chicken stock aroma–and I just couldn’t wait for the chicken to be fully prepared, so I ate (I think) about two cups of rice before dinner was ready (haha, my mom knows).

Here’s the product of our chicken rice at home. I’d have it again any day.

*spring roll on the side will be introduced in another entry!


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