Pad Thai set

My best friend back in Japan used to live in Singapore and loves south east Asian food. Whenever we go eat out or make something together, it’s always south east Asian, and what amazes me is that we never get sick of it.

This time, we decided to be both chefs and consumers. Our main dish was pad thai, with a side of crab curry, kabocha caesar salad, Japanese croquette, and dried mangos from the Philippines for dessert. This was all easily done working together and also because we brought ourselves to Kaldi, a store that originally used to be a coffee bean shop but now sells international foods. We found the pad thai set (so the noodles and all the sauces are packaged in one pack. Serving for two), and grabbed the necessary groceries that goes in the pad thai at a nearby supermarket.

All we had to buy were thinly sliced pork pieces, eggs, sprouts, and leek!

Crab curry

My friend’s Kabocha caesar salad recipe will be introduced another time!

Kaldi website:


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