Nikuman: Japanese steamed bun

Mmm, another one of my favorites. This is a must-have when I’ve been away from Japan for a long time. This entry is dedicated to nikuman (肉まん), also known as chukaman (中華まん). I think it originally comes from China, where it’s known as baozi 包子, but the Japanese version uses less lard in its dough.

I like nikuman from a store called, Nakamura-ya. You can buy Nakamura-ya nikuman at its store or in supermarkets in a pack of five or six with either only nikuman or an assortment of nikuman and anman (with sesame paste in it). Nakamura-ya’s nikuman has pork, shitake, bamboo shoots, etc. and it’s dough is made with flour. I find variety in Japan of nikuman as you can find curry-man, cream cheese man, pizza-man, choco-man, habanero kimchi-man in various convenience stores across Japan.

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