Koreana in Cambridge, MA

Koreana must be one of my most visited restaurants in the Boston area. I haven’t yet well discovered Allston, where many Asian restaurants are located, and to give a reason, I’ve been located closer to Cambridge than to Allston the past few years, so I think Koreana has been the place to go for Korean food for me.

I feel like I always overeat when I go there, but that’s because the dishes there almost never disappoint me. Also, the mini plates you get once you order is sometimes the best part of eating there because there is so much variety and lots of vegetable that come on those plates. Some examples are pickled daikon, all sorts of kimchi, fish cake (my favorite), root vegetables, and bean sprouts.

On my last visit to Koreana, I ordered appetizers (these are not the mini plates). Steamed Tofu with seasoned soy sauce, dried seaweed, and scallions and Seafood scallion pancake. I can definitely prepare the tofu dish at home, but scallion pancake from scratch in this beautifully and balanced oiliness would be difficult to make on my own. When I think about savory pancakes, I also think about green onion pancakes from China, also known as cong you bing (entry here, another entry here, and one more!), and they are very different from Korean scallion pancakes as the Korean ones are less in thickness and are not as oily as the Chinese ones (and different kind of oil/fat is used). Personally, I like both kinds.

Koreana also has an extensive menu for dinner, and you can enjoy cooking Korean BBQ in front of you as well.

Koreana website: http://www.koreanaboston.com/

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  1. Karen says:

    I live in New Hampshire and the next time I’m in that area my husband and I must check it out.

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