My grandma makes her own kimchi. Every winter, she makes ones with daikon, daikon specially delivered from Jejudo, which is where my grandparents were born and raised. Kimchi not only tastes great with spiciness, sweetness, sourness, but it is also great for your health as daikon has a lot of fiber and works well for your digestive system.

Korean households have kimchi in their fridge all the time. It’s one of their staple foods! You can see in the third picture that my grandma stores her kimchi in a cookie jar–that’s how common kimchi is in a Korean house. There are also fridges made for the purpose of storing kimchi, I mean just kimchi, so that the strong smell are not inhaled by other food sleeping in your fridge. Clever.


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  1. PepperBento says:

    Looks fantastic!
    Not sure I could devote a whole fridge to it though hehe =).


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