Hinamatsuri or Girl’s Day in Japan

March 3rd is a special day for girl’s in Japan because it’s Girl’s Day. Like many other festivities all around the world, the celebration of this event comes with delicious food. Although I’m located in Boston right now, I wanted to share this time with my Japanese friends and share the cheer by Asian grocery shopping and making dishes together!

The main of the night was chirashi. Chirashi is often listed in Japanese restaurants in the States by variety of raw fish on a bed of sushi rice. That is one type of chirashi, but we made the other type, which has snap peas, eggs, lotus and roe mixed in sushi rice with sesame seed seasoning and nori on top. In ours, we included cooked salted salmon as well as shiso, a green flavorful herb.

We also had heart shaped Japanese style burgers, also known as, “hanba-gu,” harumaki or fried spring rolls with curry flavored kabocha, clamshell soup, tamagoyaki (rolled eggs) with spinach, and Chinese brocolli ohitashi. We had mochi with red beans for dessert.

My friends were amazing at making all of this! So happy that I got to celebrate this day with wonderful girls cooking with me 🙂

Clamshell soup

Harumaki making (pic coming soon)


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  1. Nice pictures…is it the harumaki that has the curry-flavored kabocha squash? It seems like an interesting dish to try making myself.

    1. Plates of Art says:

      Hi! Yup, the kabocha is in the harumaki. I unfortunately didn’t have a pic of it, but I’ll post it once I have one, and even maybe dedicate an entry for it!

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