Cafe Habana, Cuban food in NYC

What do you think of when you think Cuban food? I honestly didn’t have an answer to that question until my friend introduced me to Cafe Habana, located in the SOHO area of NYC.

The restaurant is on the smaller size and has an American diner-style interior with counter tables and little silver tables with chairs. Bustling environment with lots of energy.

I ordered my friend’s recommendations: Grilled Corn Mexican Style and Baja Style Fish Tacos.

The grilled corn on a stick was DEEELICIOUS. It’s not just a simple grilled corn. It has slightly melted cheese, and powdered chili and a squeeze of lime that add a nice kick to the corn. And of course, the smokey flavor from the grill perfects the item.

And then the fish tacos. It is “beer battered Catfish cabbage slaw, spicy crema salsa negra with rice and beans.” Very crispy, fried at the right temperature. The freshness of the cabbage wrapped together with the fish in the tortilla is a great combination. There is too much “inside” to the tortilla, but I enjoyed it! And the rice and beans.. it’s one of those that you can’t stop eating once you take a bite. One of those… Writing about it makes me want to get one of these right now.

So maybe I didn’t have real Cuban cuisine, but it was close (kind of?)!

Cafe Habana is crowded but does not take reservations, so I highly suggest you get there before your stomach crying.

Cafe Habana website:


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