The Daily Catch, Boston, MA

The Daily Catch is a small restaurant located on Hanover Street in the North End (Little Italy) of Boston, MA. Lines of people are usually seen outside the restaurant, but I was lucky to beat that line when I went there around 7PM during my spring break.

Small place that sits about 15 seats, nice and cozy with an open kitchen. The menu is up on a huge black board on the wall, so there is no paper menu. It’s quite famous for its squid ink pasta, but we went for other dishes. Calamari for the appetizer, which was perfectly crispy and fried at the right temperature. Very fresh. For our main, we had vongole linguini that had delicious, flavorful, addicting garlic sauce. Perhaps a bit more salt would have helped bring out more flavor. And mussel linguine with red marinara sauce. Again, more salt would have been perfect for me.

Although I say it lacked salt, I liked it enough to dip my bread in the sauce. I love it when I dip my bread in the sauce for more!


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