Post steak night, steak salad!

It’s not summer yet, but my mind says it is. Every summer, I go to San Diego to spend some time there with my family. One of our nights there, regardless of how long our stay is, is always steak BBQ out in our yard outside after a good swim out under the San Diego weather. My dad’s the griller, and my mom preps the side dishes like white corn and veggies.

Unfortunately, I don’t have steak grilling knowledge to write an entry because my dad is the master of it and no one else touches his cooking, but I am introducing the post steak night meal that comes with it! Usually day the after the BBQ night is a steak salad lunch. As you can tell, my family loves beef! Eating another steak meal after 15 hours is no biggie 😉

Anyway, this salad is absolutely delicious and simple! Simply heat the steak on a frying pan, and cut slices off from the chunk. Neatly line them up over a bed of green salad leaves tossed with Girard Italian dressing. Salt and pepper, and done! Add some tomatoes for some color. Eat it under the sun, it makes the salad extra good.

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