Zo Gyros

Zo Boston, a contemporary Greek cuisine restaurant, has two locations near the Government Center Station in Boston, right in the middle of the office neighborhood. Really good for a speedy lunch for people working under time pressure. But I visited as a normal Friday-off college student with my boyfriend who occasionally grabs a quick bite here for his lunch time. My boyfriend kept on saying, “You’ll love it! It’s something you love already,” and it turned out to be true!

I ordered their Original Gyros that has “Authentic Greek Rotisserie (100% lean pork) wrapped in a warm flatbread with tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce (low-fat cucumber yogurt). Perfect combination of all the ingredients used. No ingredient wasted. Generous amount of lean pork on the flatbread, so juicy and flavorful, the yogurt balances out the bold taste of the pork, tomato and onion brings freshness to the meal. The bread is also not a simple flatbread. The leftover oil from the lean pork gets brushed on to the bread but the bread doesn’t get soggy, so it’s not difficult to hold. I haven’t had too many gyros before, but I thought this one was definitely tasty. I would go back there again!

We also ordered veggie lentil soup, which was an all-vegan option. Zo had about four or five options of soup of the day. That’s pretty cool. My boyfriend’s favorite is their lamb chili soup. They also had lobster crab bisque, but we went for the healthier option. They’re homemade, so I bet they’re really good!

Zo website: http://www.zoboston.com/

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  1. Karen says:

    I love stopping by to learn of new places to visit when in Boston.

    1. Plates of Art says:

      Yes! I’ll be adding some Boston restaurant posts, hopefully. I’ll be leaving the city this summer, but I hope to get some on here!

  2. Wow! It’s really nice that you like greek food, I saw your post for greek yogurt, too. You see, I’m Greek!!

    1. Plates of Art says:

      I could really use some gyros right now… any good recipes?

      1. Oh, my! Belive it or not, we never, ever make gyros at home. We have, I don’t know, propably GAZILLION of gyros shops in every neighborhood, we can go there or gyros can be delivered home. It’s really common 🙂

      2. Plates of Art says:

        I hadn’t known of that! I wish I had that convenient access to gyros in Tokyo!

      3. Tokyo! Yes, but you have all the good sushi there!! 🙂

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