The Daily Catch, Boston MA, Round 2

Just about a month ago, I went to the Daily Catch in North End, Boston (see!). I had known that their black pasta was their homemade special and was popular, but I didn’t get to try it. But this time, I knew what to order with my friend.

Black pasta is made of squid ink. Squid ink pasta is actually not uncommon in Japan. You get the ink as a sauce, so it’s different from the Daily Catch’s black pasta because this store’s pasta itself is black and you get to choose your pasta sauce, and we chose aglio olio. The pasta is on the thicker side, has texture, and is a new experience. I don’t think you can get this anywhere else in Boston (other than their Waterfront sister store). Also, lots of garlic used in this dish with our aglio olio selection, so if you don’t want garlic breath afterwards, perhaps you want to skip it. But I loved it!

Going backwards, we got an order of calamari meatball for our appetizer. Nicely shaped with rich squid flavor, which actually accentuated the sourness of the marinara sauce. Never had I had a seafood meatball before. Another new experience. Oh, I added some parmesan cheese on top and that increased the depth of this creation.

Overall, rated high. Yes, I’d love to go again.

Sorry the picture quality is poor 😦


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