Toscanini’s, Cambridge, MA

I finally visited Toscanini’s Ice Cream on my last day in Boston after four years of living there. Why did it take me so long to get there? I have no idea. And friends kept on telling me I had to go there. I also read an article with top U.S. ice cream, and Toscanini’s was listed. I think that article really triggered me to go.

This was on a really hot 90 degree day in Boston at 3PM. I took the bus to get there from Boston to Cambridge, and I was definitely ready for some good ice cream. The store is cute. But I got overwhelmed by the number of items on their blackboard, even though I knew the variety they offered from my online research done previous to my visit. With recommendations collected from friends, I had been eyeing on several flavors: B3, earl grey, blueberry, strawberry basil, goat cheese brownie, burnt caramel, peppermint, and belgian chocolate. After taking some samples, I settled on a side-by-side scoops of B3 and burnt caramel.

B3, or B cubed, is brown sugar, brown butter, and brownies. Does anyone disagree to this being tasty? The flavor combination (my favorite is butter and sugar combo from baking times), PLUS brownies? Too awesome. There are bits of brownies spread throughout the ice cream. It’s more than perfect.

Also burnt caramel. It’s like a new type of caramel. Deeply burnt but really good. I don’t usually like soft caramel, or caramel in/on drinks, but this has got to be the best caramel I’ve ever tasted in my life. And I’m not exaggerating.

Jeff tried earl grey and green tea. A nice calm tea combination. They were both good. The green tea ice cream reminded me of Haagen Dazs green tea flavor–it’s that rich!

This made it to my recommended ice cream store list. I think me visiting there only once in the last few years also makes it special.

Toscanini’s website:

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