Cold shabu shabu

Popularity of what many people in America call “shabu” should actually be called the long way, shabu shabu, in my opinion. This hotpot idea originally came from China, but the name was made in Japan. The meat gently dipped in hot soup sounded like “shabu shabu” to someone, and there it was. Whether this is true or not, I think shabu shabu is one of the healthier meals as it requires no oil to be used!

At home, my mom likes making cold shabu shabu during the summer. Instead of stirring the thin pork meat in broth, she uses hot water, then takes it out of the water once cooked, then puts it in the fridge until cooled.

When my mom makes this, she lays out the meat on top of mizuna, which is a summer vegetable from Kyoto. She sprinkles on my favorite homemade condiment with ginger, Japanese ginger called myoga, white radish sprouts, and thin long green onion. Ponzu is a superb option for this dish.


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