Summer fruits

Hot summer days continue in Tokyo, but the good thing is I get to eat fruits that only get produced under this summer heat! Two of many that I took pictures of are mango and watermelon.

Here is brief history of the two fruits.

Mango first. Mango is native to India (who knew!? I always thought it was the Philippines) but is a national fruit in India, the Philippines, and Pakistan. One serving of mangos, which is equivalent to one cup of mangos, is about 100 calories. It provides vitamin A and C, along with over twenty different vitamin and minerals. Mango has lots of fiber and is fat, sodium, and cholesterol free.

Watermelon is found in the wild in Africa, where it is known to have originated. It is mostly water but has great nutritional content. It has vitamin A and C like mangos. An extra load of vitamin B is found in watermelon as well. It also has lycopene, which is an antioxidant also found in tomatos and other red colored fruits. Nowadays, seedless watermelon have been genetically produced. I found it odd to not find seed in watermelon, though.


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