Wakasagi Soba

Wakasagi is 3 inches long but a slim fish that is often found in the lakes in Japan. They have bones, of course, but they are small enough that the bones are edible when cooked through. The cooking method that Japanese people like to use with this fish is in the form of tempura, deep fry, and pickled in curry flavor to give some examples.

My visit to Hakone, the suburbs from Japan only a bit over 50 miles away, took me to a cafe for lunch that served soba with wakasagi tempura. There was an option for choosing hot or cold soba, but I chose cold. I believe everything is homemade at this cafe. The soba had lots of  texture and went well with long green onion and wasabi (shown on the bottom right) all put in the broth in the middle. The black things on top of the soba are dried seaweed.

Wakasagi and vegetable tempura is on the left side of the picture. The cafe had a green tea salt on the table, so I put that in the mini saucer and lightly dipped the tempura in the salt for more flavor. Tempura and salt is not a unique combination. Green tea salt is somewhat unique, but it didn’t have too much flavor in my opinion. Regardless, it was a good meal that filled me up for the rest of the day.


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