Time for chestnuts

This past weekend, I luckily had a three day weekend and spent my time in Kyoto, Japan with my mom. Kyoto is the old capital of Japan before it got moved to Tokyo in 1868, thus it has many historical sites including shrines, temples, and castles. This time of year is also especially crowded in the region because of the beautiful autumn leaves changing color. The peak time is in one to two weeks, but my mom and I enjoyed the less crowded Kyoto.

Not only that, but Kyoto food is known to be the best in Japan. One of the food I had during my three days in Kyoto was chestnuts. Autumn time in Asia means chestnut time! Honestly, I missed eating chestnuts in the four years I spent in the States (well, to be exact, I “cheated” and enjoyed chestnuts when I studied abroad in Shanghai, China). I don’t like pealing the roasted chestnuts but similar to my mom who says she can’t resist these when she seems them, I also got her genes.

The stand I got my chestnuts was found in various places, but I found it on this pretty street near Kiyomizu Temple (pictured, isn’t this place beautiful?). These chestnuts were large sized, already cracked and were more easily pealed, and was warm. They were a good energy boost after a long day of walking.

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