Brunch at Zazie, San Francisco

Winner of Open Table’s Diners’ Choice 2011, Zazie is very popular for breakfast and brunch. New to this San Francisco area (no… unfortunately this occasion to San Francisco was only for a visit), Jeff took me to various popular restaurants in the Bay area.

Sunday brunch is certainly one of my favorites meals of the week, and it is sad being placed in Japan where that culture does not exist. I will admit, though, that there are several restaurants, cafes, and hotels that serve brunch menu, but it’s just not as prevalent as it is in the States. This past Sunday, Zazie was Jeff’s choice. Because the clock had ticked way past twelve, we were in a rush to make it there before their last order (though we didn’t know what time that was), so we took the train and a cab to get to the restaurant, only to find that there was a crowd of people waiting to get a seat and two letter sized paper worth of names on the wait list. This is how popular this place is. Not being able to do much about it, we listed our name and waited in line until the patio seats in front of us cleared up. We were lucky it was in front of us, because we took those seats after reading the sign that these patio tables were first-come-first-serve. Luckily, our wait wasn’t too long after all, and we were starving by then.

Sunday brunch–I really wanted pancakes or french toast, but I went for the eggs benedict that is not easily found in Japan. They had a long list of poached eggs on the menu and after much thought, I chose “St. Trop” that has smoked salmon, capers, and red onions with the eggs over English muffin. Jeff chose the “Florentine” with spinach and portobello mushrooms, and David chose gingerbread pancakes! I’m not a huge fan of hollandaise sauce, but their “fabulous light lemon hollandaise sauce” was too light for me, but the eggs were done perfectly. Jeff’s mushrooms were seasoned well, and it was a great combination with the spinach. David’s gingerbread pancakes were LARGE, and I think the bosc pears must’ve been a great topping. Don’t quite remember if I saw the lemon curd or if it’s incorporated in the pancakes, but my bite was delicious.

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  1. looks positively scrumptious!!

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