HRD Coffee Shop, San Francisco CA

Yes, I love Asian food and I love Mexican food. Of course, Jeff knowing the best, he took me to HRD Coffee Shop for a late lunch. All these places in SF, gosh these popular places have endless lines wherever, but it is totally worth the wait for good food with good company.

Diners Drive-ins also featured this shop. It’s interesting that this place is called a coffee shop (I did see coffee sold at this place), but they are more known for their Korean and Mexican fusion food. We got an order of their Spicy Pork Kimchee Burrito and “Crunchy roll special” Fried Rice. The burrito is LARGE. It’s great that they do a good job wrapping their burrito, otherwise everything would fall apart. They name it spicy but I didn’t find it too spicy but thought that it was perfect. Sour cream is something we subtracted from our burrito, but I’m pretty positive that sour cream only adds more deliciousness to the bites. Surprisingly the bean sprouts had a big role in the big bites. I never had a dish that highlighted sprouts, but these were good. The cucumber added water and non-flavored taste and crunch to the burrito, and kiwi did not give a lot of flavor but softened the pork.

Now the fried rice. This plate of fried rice is LARGE as well. You know you’ll get a good value when you come here now. The three types of meat all have different texture, so that did not make this dish a boring one to eat even with its volume. The meat were spicy pork, spam, and chicken. It also had an over easy egg topped. I think the burrito and the fried rice combined was like a huge bibimbap but half of it was in a burrito shape. Bottom line, SO GOOD.

HRD Coffee Shop website:


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  1. Looks delicious. I will definitely have to check this place out!

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