Abe Sushi, Tokyo, Japan

This morning is with the famous food that many foreigners think Japanese people eat everyday: sushi! One thing to clarify–we, Japanese people, do not eat sushi every day. At least in my household, sushi is eaten as a special treat. We usually do not eat sushi at home because fresh fish at the sushi restaurants/bars are the best. We do, however, buy sashimi at supermarkets and have it at home sometimes, but that’s for times like when children come home or when my mom feels like buying some.

Last Friday, coworkers and I went to Abe sushi in Roppongi. We decided to go with sushi because it was supposed to be a farewell party for one of our new hires (as we call ourselves), who is switching from the Tokyo to the Osaka office. Unfortunately, he was not able to make it to work that day, so we “celebrated” wish sushi without him (we missed you!).

For the location and the modern ambiance of this restaurant, I think the price was pretty good for this lunch. I got their Shiozawa menu. My favorite on here were uni, ikura, and unagi! It came with a huge bowl of “arajiru” that is miso soup that is made from fish broth.




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