El Farolito, Mission, San Francisco

Why is it that I cannot easily find a good Meixcan eatery in Tokyo? To think back, though, I could not find the best (although I had my best amongst the “alrights”) my college years spent in Boston. California on the other end, without a doubt, has great Mexican finds everywhere. In San Francisco, the Mission district has Meixcan taquerias one after another! Jeff loves this one place called El Farolito. A chain, but certainly the greatest of the bang for the buck you get around here.

Jeff’s favorite here is their super burrito. Apparently the term “super burrito,” which is used everywhere, started here at El Farolito. Any super burrito contains rice and beans, meat, cheese, and potatoes, and don’t forget the big size. All those ingredients are wrapped in aluminum foil for the ease of eating (or not?!). Salsa is often complementary with each bite.

Instead of the super burrito suggested, I had their carnitas tacos. It had two soft corn tortillas prepared with tomato, onion, cilantro, and salsa. The vegetables added freshness to the bites. Perfect. Oh, and I had a reason for not ordering Jeff’s favorite super burrito. That day, we were on a “taco-mission,” and we had another restaurant destination for later in the day. I had to save my stomach for that!


El Farolito website: http://www.elfarolitoinc.com/


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