Bi-Rite Creamery, Mission, San Francisco

Who can say no to ice cream (even on a cold rainy day)?

Well, okay, maybe there is a need to rephrase that question because this was the first of my second visit to Bi-Rite Creamery because the line at this place was ridiculously long when I visited here last. It’s true, though. This place is very popular so beware!

Bi-Rite Creamy is one of the top rated ice cream shops in San Francisco according to Yelp. They have such interesting flavors: orange cardamom, roasted banana, meyer lemon, for example. Reading Yelp, I got the feel that people absolutely love this place, and get a pint or two to go (and actually, I spotted a lady buy a pint, eat a bit of it at the seating area, then closed the cap and brought it home!). Bi-Rite uses seasonal and local ingredients that certainly add to their fresh flavors.

I went with one scoop, and Jeff chose two scoops. I chose the salted caramel (after having many tastings). I think I got this palate for salted caramel during summer of 2012 when I had two great salted caramel scoops from a store in Boston and in Seattle. The depth of this flavor is insane at each creamery. Though I am not a fond caramel fan, I love it. Jeff went with chocolate and earl grey. Chocolate had a very interesting texture to it, perhaps it is something that surfaced from the chocolate originating from Mexico. Earl grey flavor also surprisingly brightened up my palate. It felt light and fresh, and toned downed the sweetness from my salted caramel. All three flavors (and those I tried) tasted freshly made.




I found out later on that their business started off as a baked goods store, then revolved into making ice cream on the side as well. The transformation is not apparent at the store, but I did see some baked goods at the entry way. I now regret not looking more closely into those products!

Bi-Rite Creamery website:


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  1. I share your love for Bi-Rite. They’ve always got the most inventive flavors!

    1. Plates of Art says:

      It’s so unfortunate that I don’t live nearby Bi-Rite. Can’t wait to go back there again, though, when I’m back in the Bay area!

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