Sushirrito, San Francisco, CA

I think burrito+non Mexican food marriage is trending and making its hit appearance. Similar to the burrito+Korean combination at the HRD Coffee Shop, at Sushirrito, they offered, as you may have guessed at this point, a sushi burrito. I would say that this burrito thing is a pretty darn good idea. There are so many things you can wrap in and with in all cuisines, and we find fusion cuisines popular at restaurants as well.

Sushirrito is offered to the busy people who work on weekdays and is only open for four hours of lunch hours. Obviously targeting customers at this prime time, their roll-up or wrap-up service is quick; you just need to figure out a way to beat the crowd to get a super speedy lunch pickup.

The menu lists burritos that have at least 6 main ingredients per burrito. The ingredients are not all fish and seafood. They offer chicken, pork, and tofu as well. Jeff and I shared two burritos: The Yakuza and Geisha’s Kiss. The Yakuza had kampachi sashimi, spicy jicama, cucumber, butter lettuce, tobiko, avocado, and green onions with their special Citrus Mojo sauce. The Geisha’s Kiss included Yellowfin tuna, tamago, Piquillo peppers, yuzu tobiko, lotus chips, cucumber, butter lettuce, avocado, and green onions with sesame white soya sauce. You can tell that these are all fresh ingredients, otherwise it would not give good color nor would it be able to have repeated customers. I thought that lotus chips was great in the burrito as it added a crunchy texture to your bite. Avocados are always my favorite with rice and soy sauce. I would have loved to try one of their pork or chicken meat, especially their oven roasted pork belly one… but there is always next time as I always say.

I thought I would find the burrito to be imbalanced having too much rice, but I did not feel that way at all. These burritos are pretty large, so it sure was a satisfying meal.


Sushirrito website:



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  1. This photo is making me wish Sushirrito were open a little later in the day! I still need to visit HRD Cafe. What’s the best Korean + burrito combo there?

    1. Plates of Art says:

      Ah! I know. I could use some sushitto right now! I think my favorite at HRD Cafe is their Spicy Pork Kimchee Burrito. Very balanced and satisfying!

  2. Your blog is full of such nice photos! Please check out mine at:
    Thanks and have a great day!

    1. Plates of Art says:

      Hi Jen! Thanks for coming by!

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